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7C7A challenge

Chris has met Type 1 diabetes with courage, humour and determination. I cannot think of anyone more suited to completing this adventure and the huge mental and physical challenges it presents.- Tracy Edwards MBE

The 7C7A Challenge is all about achieving goals that people may think impossible for a type 1 diabetic.

The 7C7A Challenge will see Chris take on 7 of the most demanding endurance events on 7 continents to prove that having diabetes or a chronic illness should not stop sufferers from living their lives to the full.

“I want to use the 7C7A Challenge to inspire, educate and motivate people to live their life to the full and show what you can achieve. Life is about challenges and this will be my biggest one yet”.

Chris will be raising money for JDRF, the world’s leading type 1 diabetes research charity. JDRF exists to fund research that will prevent, cure and treat type 1 diabetes. Chris want to use his challenges to raise a substantial amount for JDRF, so he can continue to support the charity which plays such an important role in improving lives until they find the cure.

The Challenge – 7C7A

North America
South America
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The 7C7A Challenge consists of :

September 2013 – mHealth Grand Tour (Europe)
October 2013 – 100 miles Himalaya stage race (Asia)
January 2014 – Trans Andes Challenge (South America)
June 2014 – Climb Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa) – Open challenge for anyone to join Chris
November 2014 –Antarctic Ice Marathon (Antarctica)
February 2015 – Coast to Coast (Australasia)
July 2015 – New York to Miami – cycling (North America) – Open challenge for anyone to join Chris

“One of the most important goals of 7C7A is to motivate and inspire others by giving people the chance to join me in two of the Challenges, climbing Kilimanjaro and the stage cycling adventure from New York to Miami. I believe that my experiences will help people to get active and learn to control their chronic illness rather than the illness controlling them. For more information on joining Chris on these two challenges please contact him via this link.